In the first stage of deciding on a structure, please contact me, either by telephone or e-mail.  We can have a frank and general discussion on the direction you are headed, be it period, type, or prototype.  Once we have a general understanding of the design criteria, we can move on to the specifics of detail, dimension, and constraints.

Upon arrival at these conclusions, there will be a need for many types of information to be provided by you.  Photo images of the existing environment, dimensions, topography, geometry, clearances, etc. may be required to delineate the scope and design of the work.

After a short period of information request and receipt, I will provide you with a proposal for your consideration, which will include specifications, materials, time schedule, and cost.

Provided that the proposal meets with your approval, I will subsequently forward concept sketches and/or  production drawings for your approval.  Financial terms will vary based on scope, method of payment, shipping, and up-front costs.  Please be advised that a minimum deposit of 35% will be required, along with progress payments if the project dictates such an arrangement.

While it cannot be feasibly dictated that the customer provide digital images of the finished bridge installed in the customer’s layout, I will ask you for such images for addition to my website “Works” portfolio and I respectfully request that you provide said images or allow me to visit your layout and record the images.

If for any reason “privacy” is desired by the customer, ownership will not be disclosed.