Why should you commission MRB to do your next bridge?  Because you will be pleased with the results.

As we all know, building a layout consumes years, if not a lifetime.  Some of the bridges catalogued on this website have taken over 160 hours to build.  For a modeler consumed with the totality of a large layout, the hours consumed building a structure could be devoted to benchwork, trackwork, wiring, and scenery.  The sooner a layout is running, the better, and the bridge needs to be there for the trains to run.  I can help you get the trains running sooner than otherwise.

Most commercially-available bridges are of good quality, but most are limited in size and type.  If you need a bridge longer than eighteen inches, you are probably out of luck.  My services will get you the bridge you want.  It will be one-of-a-kind.  And it will become a “signature” of your layout.

In any project,  deciding what to do is half the battle.  My services can be integral in arriving at a decision by utilizing my experience, knowledge, and temperament to discern your wishes, analyze your needs, and design an appropriate structure to meet the criteria that exist in your layout vision.

In short, a commission with MRB saves you time, provides you with a desirable product, and ensures that the structure is in keeping with the spirit of your layout.